Facade system - AF 50 Cover

  • Horizontal and vertical body profiles 50 mm thick.
  • A wide range of upright profiles for high wind loads.
  • Can be used with a cover of various designs and specifications.
  • Possibility of applying glass-to-glass aluminum facade using the same profiles.
  • The possibility of using joinery systems on the facade.
  • Possibility of installation on the facade of all types of doors from the AWT-58 system.
  • Devor qalinligi 2 mm va 1,6 mm bo'lgan profillar. Barcha RAL ranglari va anodlangan versiyalarida QUALANOD va QUALICOAT sertifikatlangan profillarini ishlab chiqarish.
  • EPDM wicks for air, water and dust

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